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Midtown Atlanta has probably seen the most drastic changes recently in the city. In an effort to create the sleek, urban feel found in other large metropolises, the “Midtown Mile” has exploded with high-class condos, top restaurants, and some of Atlanta’s best nightlife. If you’re looking for the condo life, Midtown is the place to be – this part of the city contains about 30% of Atlanta’s condos.

Midtown Atlanta also has beautiful homes to offer, that majority of which you’ll find clustered south of Piedmont Park. If you’re a park, music, or movie lover, this is a prime location to be able to walk to the park and all of its events throughout the spring, summer, and fall! These homes tend to be of Victorian, Craftsman, Queen Anne, American Four-Square and modernist styles.

In addition to Piedmont Park and nightlife, Midtown envelopes several of Atlanta’s major cultural attractions: High Museum of Art, Woodruff Arts Center, Alliance Theater, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, the Fox Theater, Center for Puppetry Arts, and more!

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Where are the boundaries of the Midtown Atlanta neighborhood?

Midtown Atlanta’s entire west side is bounded by highways 75 / 85 and follows 85 north as it divides from 75. The border then cuts south and follows the eastern side of Peachtree Street – one of Atlanta’s main arteries. At 14th Street, the border cuts over to Piedmont Park and follows the park around 10th Street and then east to the Atlanta BeltLine tracks. After following the Atlanta BeltLine south, the boundary turns west onto Ponce de Leon Avenue, south on Argonne Avenue for a block, and then west on North Avenue until reaching highways 75 / 85 again.

Brief history of Midtown Atlanta

In the mid-1800’s, the southern part of what is now Midtown Atlanta from North Avenue to 8th Street was covered in pine forest. Richard Peters bought this land with the intention of using the forest to power his downtown flour mill. From the 1850’s to the 1870s, Peters divided the land into lots along angled streets between Peachtree and Argonne and built his home at Peachtree and 4th. Peters’ son, Edward, built what is now known as Ivy Hall which was bought and restored by the Savannah College of Art and Design and is on the National Register of Historic Places. This red brick mansion is situated between Myrtle Street, North Avenue, Piedmont Avenue, and Ponce de Leon Avenue.

As Midtown expanded under the hands of various developers, the lots got smaller and streets became aligned to a more north-south, east-west grid. While the cobblestone streets have been paved over, some of the original sidewalks remain on Piedmont and Myrtle.

Along the eastern side of Midtown Atlanta, you’ll catch glimpses of Clear Creek. Clear Creek appears in Piedmont Park and along the Atlanta BeltLine and is one of the major tributaries to Peachtree Creek. Since the 1920’s, though, man-made culverts have taken Clear Creek underground. You’ll see it reemerge to the southeast of Midtown in Historic Fourth Ward Park along the BeltLine.

You can read a more detailed history on the Preserve Midtown Atlanta website here!

How does the BeltLine connect with Midtown Atlanta?

The Atlanta Beltline forms the far eastern border of the Midtown neighborhood before shooting off to the north into Piedmont Park and Ansley Park. You can access the corridor from the corner of 10th Street and Monroe Drive where you can then hike north or south along the old railroad corridor.

What schools are in Midtown Atlanta?

Midtown Atlanta is located in Fulton County and children attend Atlanta Public Schools, specifically Springdale Park or Morningside Elementary School, Inman Middle School, and Grady High School. At the collegiate level, you will find Savannah College of Art and Design residing in the northern part of the community and Georgia Tech along the western border.

How can you get involved in your Midtown community?

Midtown Atlanta falls within the Neighborhood Planning Unit E (NPU-E) and residents form the Midtown Neighbors Association. The Midtown Alliance helps guide the smart growth of the community. Under the umbrella of the Midtown Alliance falls the Midtown Improvement District created to enhance safety, environmental, and capital improvements. You can keep up with safety updates with the Yahoo group MidtownNeighborhoodWatch.

You can also get involved in Midtown by volunteering with the Piedmont Park Conservancy!


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