Looking for an Atlanta Realtor who’s truly involved and connected with your community? You’ll find exactly that with Derrick Duckworth of The BeltLine Team!

Derrick Duckworth is an Adair Park resident with a deep love of Atlanta and the power the Atlanta BeltLine has to transform our city. Get to know Derrick better and get involved, too! Below are just a few of the ways that Derrick is involved in his community:

  • Active involvement with Atlanta’s intown Southwest neighborhoods helping to create new employment strategies and to better position them for current and future housing opportunities.
  • Member of the Metropolitan Atlanta Foreclosure Prevention and Remediation Action Oriented Research (AOR) Advisory Committee.  The primary purpose of this research is to better understand the dynamics of neighborhood change and how those dynamics are affected by strategies to address the foreclosure crisis.
  • Real Estates Associates Program (REAP).  REAP is an industry-backed, market-driven program that finds and trains minority professionals for positions in commercial real  estate, through education, networking, and on-the-job training with industry leading firms.
  • The ULI Terwilliger Center for Workforce Housing Steering Committee.  Ron Terwilliger, a leading advocate for affordable housing for years, has created this center to proactively address one of the most critical issues facing urban areas across the country by supporting the development of housing affordable to moderate income workers, including teachers, nurses, firefighters, government workers, and police officers.
  • The Beltline Partnership’s Speakers’ Bureau.  The Speakers’ Bureau in made up of 5 volunteer residents of BeltLine communities that make monthly presentations on the Atlanta Beltline.
  • The 30310 Mortgage Fraud Task Force.  Founding member of a community-driven task force created to address the Mortgage Fraud Epidemic specifically in zip code 30310.
  • Member of the Adair Park Today Neighborhood Association and 2008 President for the Historic Adair Park Neighborhood Association.  2008 list of accomplishments include: the creation of the Adair Park Community Logo, and The Adair Park website.  2008 membership grew from 11 active members to over 45 in 1 year.
  • DAER to Dream (The Downtown Atlanta Employers Reinvestment Team).  Creator of a team of Downtown Atlanta Employers organized to promote Affordable Workforce Housing opportunities that are located within close proximity of the Downtown, Midtown, Buckhead, and MARTA employers.
  • Creator of Connected to Communities.  These semi-annual Southwest Atlanta Open House events are an initiative created to promote homeownership in Southwest Atlanta, through current and outside residents. The slogan, “Own it! Reclaiming our communities and our homes” expressed the goals of building our neighborhoods back to the strong places they once were. Stay tuned for more information coming on our first event Saturday, August 14th, 2010!
  • BeltLine Chamber of Commerce.  This fledgling organization is just now taking shape along the tracks of the BeltLine to join businesses together in collaboration and support. Is your business situated in one of the BeltLine’s 45 neighborhoods? Would you like to get connected with the project and with your fellow business people? Email Derrick today at derrick@thebeltlineteam.com.

Ultimately, Derrick is a community-based entrepreneur with a special focus on Atlanta’s residential & commercial urban real estate and its development / redevelopment. He's always looking to connect with neighbors looking to get involved - contact Derrick today!