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Are you one of many Atlantans who are excited about one of the country's biggest transportation projects and how the Atlanta BeltLine will connect 45 neighborhoods throughout Atlanta?

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Buying a home along the Atlanta BeltLIne with The BeltLine Team

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Letís get started! First things first Ė you need to find out exactly how much home you can afford. The days of buying too much home with dangerous loans are over, which is hugely beneficial to buyers in todayís market. Knowing exactly how much you can afford to pay in mortgage each month and buying a house within your pre-approved price range will not only give you financial peace of mind, but will also help you avoid possibilities of foreclosure in the future.

You can start right now with our mortgage prequalification calculator by clicking here. You can also calculate your monthly payments by purchase price by clicking here. If you are not currently working with a lender, please click here for a list of trusted lenders!

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Whether youíre new to buying a home process or a seasoned veteran, itís helpful to review the full process from beginning to end!

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Why use a real estate agent to buy your Atlanta home?

Having a professional Realtor who understands the home buying process and negotiates exclusively on your behalf is crucial when making one of the biggest purchases of your life. And you donít have to pay a fee! Find out how your Realtor works for YOU for FREE!

You are most important person in the home buying process! This is our commitment to you.

The BeltLine Team offers you a full range of services with a commitment to two main objectives. The first is to save you as much money as possible in your purchase by putting years of professional & knowledgeable experience to work for you. We want to see you accomplish the quality of life you deserve with your hard-earned money. Secondly, we provide you with a level of service and integrity superior to your prior experiences which will hopefully compel you to recommend The BeltLine Teamís services to your friends, relatives, co-workers, church members or anyone you know whoís looking to buy or sell a home in Atlanta!


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